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A one-stop-shop for commercial photography, Red Forge Studios offers tailor-made solutions for a huge range of creative applications.

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Brand-enhancing images

Run by photographer Michael Holman, Red Forge Studios offers the complete spectrum of commercial photography services, including advanced post production and print preparation, specialising in (but certainly not limited to) product, lifestyle and editorial.

All the best people!

We understand the importance of creating relaxed, productive and enjoyable shoots. Over the years we have built up a fantastic network of industry professionals, all of whom are a joy to work with, and all of whom can be relied upon to do everything possible to ensure the creative wheels run smoothly.

We haven't seen it all, but we've seen quite a lot of it...

Photography is a creative and fluid affair, and no two projects are ever quite the same. Even the best-laid plans often present unexpected challenges, technical obstacles, and head-scratching moments. This is where our years of experience in the industry come into their own. There’s always a way - the trick is not taking too long to find it...

A complete package

Every collaboration is a custom-built solution. Whether you're after a single hero shot for your website, a complete visual print campaign, or anything in between, we can work with you to deliver images that match your creative vision. See below for a brief outline of some of the services we can offer.

Fully equipped to shoot in the studio, or at any location – even in the middle of a field, or from 1500ft (yes, we’ve done both).

We’re able to take on each stage of the creative process from the initial plans, to final proofing and publication, which allows unprecedented quality control throughout.

A well-established network of agencies, professionals and talent, means that, if required, we can organise every element of a shoot, in collaboration with the client.

Anything is possible. From the simplest straight-from-camera natural-light shot, to highly complex multi-element compositions.

Experience with a vast range of shoot-types, products, media and set-ups, means that creative input is always available, if required.

Michael Holman

Michael is an experienced commercial studio photographer with an in-depth understanding of the creative processes required to take projects from concept to delivery. He has worked with clients of all types, and on projects ranging from one-off images, to complete campaign content generation.

Equally happy working alone on an intricate packshot, or in a team of stylists, models and clients, Michael approaches each job as a unique challenge, and thoroughly enjoys the many problem-solving aspects of commercial image creation.

Degrees in design and illustration, together with years of studio experience has resulted in an invaluable mix of creative and technical ability.

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A bespoke approach to every job, and a pretty obsessive attention to detail...

Specialist Aerial Imaging

A different viewpoint...

Red Forge Studios offers a wide range of aerial imaging services, from both conventional stabilised and cinematic FPV drone platforms.

Approaching aerial photography from a photographer's perspective allows a unique and technical understanding of the image production and film-making process.

The latest generation of drones and aerial imaging technology provides exciting opportunities for some truly stunning visual content creation.

A dedicated aerial imaging page is currently under construction, and will soon be live, with a lot more information.

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Studio Hire

Our studio, your photography

A versatile, custom designed and fully equipped space, which is suitable for a wide range of photographic and film applications. Located in Corsham, Wiltshire; a short drive from Bath and offering very good access to the M4. There's plenty of parking and Corsham's beautiful high street is on the doorstep, offering a huge range of catering options. The studio is fully daylight isolated and extremely quiet. There are on-site model changing facilities, including a shower and makeup/styling area.

Need a hand?

Studio equipment and assistance also available.

Tell us what you need...

Hire rates tailored to requirements.

Assemble your team!

We can assist with finding, booking and managing:

Models, makeup, hair, stylists, art directors, assistants...

A purpose-built and fully equipped studio facility in the heart of the West-Country, with excellent access, free Wi-Fi and a generous biscuit supply.

Red Forge Sound

Testing, 1-2...

Bring sound to life in our custom-built professional audio facility. Designed to be used solo, or with an external sound engineer, this fully acoustically insulated space allows individual artists or duos to achieve extremely high quality recordings in a controlled environment.

Podcasts | Audiobooks | Vocals | Voiceovers | Broadcast Audio

On Air!

Designed to be used with our equipment or your own, this versatile and welcoming space is available for dry-hire. Please use the contact section of our site to find out more.

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