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Here at Red Forge Studios we offer the complete spectrum of commercial photography services, including advanced post production and print preparation, specialising in (but are certainly not limited to) product, lifestyle, beauty and editorial. We work with commercial clients of all sizes and on projects of every description. We love new challenges and very much look forward to hearing about your creative ideas!

A complete package.

Every collaboration is a custom-built solution. Whether you’re after a single hero shot for your website, a complete visual print campaign, or anything in between, we can work with you to deliver images that match your creative vision. See below for a brief outline of some of the services we can offer.

We haven't seen it all...

…but we’ve seen quite a lot of it. No two projects are ever quite the same. Even the best-laid plans often present unexpected challenges, technical obstacles, and head-scratching moments. This is where our years of experience in the industry come into their own. There’s always a way – the trick is not taking too long to find it…

All the best people!

We understand the importance of creating relaxed, productive and enjoyable shoots. Over the years we have built up a fantastic network of industry professionals, all of whom are a joy to work with, and all of whom can be relied upon to do everything possible to ensure the creative wheels run smoothly.


Product Lifestyle Photography

Give your product some serious visual impact with carefully styled, meticulously lit and beautifully composed lifestyle images. This approach is perfect for hero website banners or individual campaigns and is pure social media gold!


Product eCommerce Photography

Clean, accurate and effective. Studio eCommerce images are designed to show off products for sale. Show customers what they’re getting and provide a clear (and beautiful) representation. Use these for your online shop, or printed media.

fashion & beauty

Fashion & Beauty Photography

Add a human touch to a product by using models. Demonstrate context, scale and clarity by showing how products are designed to be worn or used. Add an emotional connection to inspire, excite and influence potential customers. Ideal for any media.

flay-lay & graphics

Flat-Lay & Graphics Photography

High-impact and graphical; this is top-down, carefully lit and precise photography. Ideal for showcasing 2D media, design and print. Use texture, colour and arrangement to tell a powerful visual story. Perfect for showcasing creative collections of work.

Studio Hire

A purpose-built and fully equipped studio facility in the heart of the West-Country, offering excellent access, free wifi and a generous biscuit supply…

Photography/Film studio Hire

Our studio, your photography. Over 500 square feet of versatile studio space.

more details - main studio

Sound Studio Hire

A professional sound recording facility, suitable for solo use or duos, with or without an engineer.

more details - sound studio

Specialist Aerial Imaging

Red Forge Studios offers a wide range of aerial imaging services, from both conventional stabilised and cinematic FPV (First Person View) drone platforms. Approaching aerial photography from a photographer’s perspective allows a unique understanding of the image production and film-making process.

The latest generation of drones and aerial imaging technology provides exciting opportunities for some truly stunning visual content creation.

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