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Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or drones, offer exciting possibilities for producing content often just not possible using other methods. Whether you’re after a one-off show-stopping socials reel, some footage to complement your documentary or some stunning still images to make a presentation come alive, then talk to us about how we can use drones to add some serious production value…

Red Forge Studios has been operating drones commercially for many years, in a huge range of environments and for a diverse cross-section of clients and projects. Click below to see more, and have a look at our current showreel.

Aerial showreel

Slow and majestic, or fast and cinematic. Use aerial film to spice up traditional film, or for stand-alone showcase productions. Film is a powerful medium and the ability to get the camera airborne opens up a vast range of creative possibilities. For socials, websites and  promotional material, video is king!

First Person View (flying from the drone's perspective) allows the capture of highly dynamic and precise footage. This is all about getting low and close. Safe, exciting and with serious visual impact - FPV truly offers something that no other filming methods can deliver.

Dramatic sweeping landscapes, detailed top-down reference shots or anything else you can imagine. Use a drone to put a camera in an otherwise impossible position. New website banner maybe? Cover shot for your new brochure? Or perhaps some amazing custom wall-art for the office.

Aerial Showreel

We hold a current Operational Authorisation from the CAA.

Comprehensively insured for commercial drone operations.

Years of experience with operating safely and responsibly.

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We've flown in a huge range of environments and locations, and with the right permissions, there aren't many places off-limits. We'll help facilitate everything from initial planning and risk assessment, all the way through to post-production and publication.

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