Fashion & Beauty Photography

When props and lifestyle photography just don’t quite tell the right story, using models can be a fantastic way of representing and showing off your products. Introducing a human element allows prospective clients to relate directly to an item, and emotions, character and personality are powerful tools for engagement.

Whether your model is wearing, using or eating your product, this approach can not only demonstrate its intended use, but can be used to impart a specific mood or aspirational feeling towards a business or its offerings. Whether you pick a model to represent your product’s particular demographic, or do the opposite to widen its appeal, it’s a tried and tested marketing tool.

"Mike is professional, has a fabulous creative vision and is a wonderfully warm person to work with. As a make-up artist, he kept me well informed about shoot details, made the brief concise and the day well organised."

- Kat Sanders-Smith, MUA

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A male fashion model portrait photo. He has multi-coloured hair and is wearing a denim shirt and badger head-dress.

A human connection

Create an affinity for your products which is hard to achieve without live models.

Studio or location

An elaborate lifestyle setup, clean and minimalist, or anything in between.

Style & fine-tune

Hair, makeup, outfits, pose, expression. Unlimited looks and possibilities.

The face of your brand

Use models who reflect your target audience, or attract a new demographic.

Tell a story

Say more about a product and its provenance by adding a human element.

Versatile and effective

Create any look, feel, atmosphere and tone to create fine-tuned marketing material.

A portrait photo, in profile, of a makeup artist applying lip liner to a female beauty model who is wearing a flat-cap, gilet and check shirt.

...and Relax

A shoot isn't always straightforward to put together. A well-established network of agencies, professionals and talent, means that, if required, we can organise every element of a shoot, in collaboration with the client.

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Our wide experience with a vast range of shoots, products, media and setups, means that creative input is always available, if required.

Fully equipped to shoot in the studio, or on location. We can help you find the ideal location, if you don't have anywhere in mind.

Social media campaign? Web shop? National print run? We'll make sure your images are exactly what you (and the printers) require.

Basic correction, right through to advanced image editing and digital compositing. We'll provide exactly the results your campaign needs.

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