Graphics & Flat-Lay Photography

This one’s for the designers, the agencies and the creatives. Flat-lay photography shows off the detail, talent and dedication that’s gone into your work. Sympathetic lighting and context make every shot a visual treat to behold, but doesn’t compete with the content itself.

This is the perfect way to showcase printed media, graphic design, packaging and merchandise. Important details can be highlighted, and particular attention paid to significant design elements. Want to show off the fabulous texture of the custom stock you’ve commissioned for those business cards? Or perhaps there’s a specific pigment, spot-laminate or de-bossed detail you’d like to highlight.

"We've used Red Forge Studios on a number of occasions and are always delighted with the results. Michael is very capable both technically and creatively, and always ensures his work is of the highest standard. The studio itself is well equipped and well located. Highly recommended!"

- Phil Skinner, Supple Studio

More feedback
Close-up photo of a yellow textured paper notebook cover, with embossed logo detail, against a light grey background.

Unique (not stock) images

Seen that image somewhere before? Nope, not if you have your own bespoke media.

Multi-use or specific

Create images to use across platforms, or for specific use cases.

Size matters!

Images optimised for their specific use. SEO, print, socials? Just let us know.

Maximise engagement

Lovely images tell a story, grab attention and boost interaction.

Stop the scrolling!

Elevate your social media with head-turning, attention-grabbing content.

Visual continuity

Help foster brand awareness and loyalty with a consistent look for your visuals.

A still-life photo of a retro gaming scene from the mid-nineties featuring a Playstation controller, Snickers bar, and special edition stamp collection.

Images for your portfolio.

Or for your website. Or socials. In fact, flat-lay is a really versatile, graphical and attention-grabbing way of publicising your work or products.

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