Product Lifestyle Photography

Product lifestyle images are a cornerstone of any effective marketing campaign. Perfect for printed media with visual clout, social media content that is destined to stop people scrolling and web content that elevates your site above the competition.

At Red Forge Studios, we have worked on a huge range of product types and with clients from a vast selection of industry sectors. Our experience with styling, lighting, set building, image construction and post production ensures that every project can be given the bespoke treatment. A tailored approach, and treating every shot as a unique creative challenge, helps create images that excel as marketing tools, with plenty of visual punch, and that eye-catching impact that makes your product the one that everyone remembers…

"Michael and I have worked together on several diverse photographic and video projects over a number of years. Apart from the pleasant atmosphere of Red Forge Studios itself, Michael has a great eye and forensic attention to detail in everything he does. And he's not afraid to experiment, which I love..."

- Neville Farmer, Eléctrico Mezcal

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A dramatic photo of a bottle of clear mezcal spirit alongside a glass tumbler of ice, with a filament lightbulb hanging behind, against a mid-grey graduated background.

Unique (not stock) images

Seen that image somewhere before? Nope, not if you have your own bespoke media.

Multi-use or specific

Create images to use across platforms, or for specific use cases.

Size matters!

Images optimised for their specific use. SEO, print, socials? Just let us know.

Maximise engagement

Lovely images tell a story, grab attention and boost interaction.

Stop the scrolling!

Elevate your social media with head-turning, attention-grabbing content.

Visual continuity

Help foster brand awareness and loyalty with a consistent look for your visuals.

A top-down photo of a probiotic product bottle lying on a wooden surface with surrounded by soil and with a muddy trowel beside it.

Hero images for your site, print or socials.

Add some context, help people understand your product and create fabulous, visually rich content that customers will find very hard to ignore...

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Experience with a vast range of shoot-types, products, media and set-ups, means that creative input is always available, if required.

Create the ideal context to show off your products. Rich and elaborate or clean and minimalist. Make your product the hero!

We can take care of everything from initial plans, to proofing and publication, allowing unprecedented quality control throughout.

Build the impossible shot. Grab attention with images that defy the senses and provoke thought. Imagination is the only limit.

Let's be creative! We'd love to have a chat about your projects and ideas!